MMM Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I change my Favorite Artist, Most Played Song, Top 5 Most Played Songs, Top 3 Most Played Songs?

A: The app was designed to report to you on some of your listening preference based on play counts on your iPod and iTunes. For “loves, recommends, can’t get enough of, and is in a _ kind of mood” you change the song and a > appears next to the song title to inform you.

Q: Why do some links not bring up the song I specified?

A: Not all songs are available in the iTunes store. Also if you originally ripped the song from your own CD, you may have mislabeled it and iTunes is unable to find a suitable match based on an incorrect label. Please search the iTunes store yourself to see if the song you’re trying to send a link to is available. If you find it on iTunes and our link does not work, please contact us.

Q: How do I send an email to a person who is not in my contact list?

A: Choose your own name or any name from your contact list. Once you’re in the iPhone’s email editor enter the email address of the person you wish to send the email to and delete the name you previously selected from your contacts.

Q: When I receive an email from MMM on my iPhone and tap the link, why do I get a “This search cannot be performed on this device” error message?

A: The user of MMM has no way of knowing whether the recipient of his email will open it on a Mac, PC, or iPhone. While these links work on Macs and PCs with iTunes installed, this feature is currently not supported by the iPhone. We have alerted Apple to this fact and are awaiting resolution.

Q: Why do my messages sometimes not include links to preview the songs on iTunes?

A: If your iPhone or iPod Touch does not have an internet connection at the time that you generate a message, it cannot retrieve a link from our server.

Q: Why does the app sometimes crash (return me to the main iPhone screen)?

A: If this happens, please reset your iPhone by holding the home and power key down until the Apple logo displays. If after resetting your iPhone you are able to repeat the steps to make the app crash, please contact us describing the steps you took to make the app crash..

Q: I received a message that says “Message sent to Twitter” but no message was sent to Twitter.

A: Please check your username and password in “Settings” and try sending your message again.

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